Home Garden Ideas for 2020


We all have our homestay for too long. The bad things that are happening right now is already made us part of our homes, and our gardens. Now do not let negativity swallow your light, here is some Home Garden Ideas for you to enjoy your home and gardens more.

Eccentric Houseplants
Exotic houseplants are making a comeback as among the trending garden designs this year. Generally, outdoor plants are simpler, but for indoor plants, people now opt for unique tropical plants. Be it aerial plants like orchids, succulent plants like jade and cactus, or terrariums like moss. They are all great indoor plants, and  tree removal newcastle can even bring it to another level.

Natural Dye Gardens
dye garden

It’s not just edible gardening that’s making a statement in this year’s trending garden designs. Marigold, blue cornflower, purple basil, cosmos, even some herbs and vegetables, all natural dye plants are making their way into many people’s garden. You are welcome to join the bandwagon.

Entertaining Spaces
entertaining spaces

It’s always nice to have your own space for outdoor fun and activities. Instead of a fixed play structure, why not transform your garden into an active space for everyone? A playground for your kids, play area for your pet, or a meditation corner for adult’s yoga—all in one. Try intermixing rocks, green plants, and landscape tiles. Great combination of good ground landscaping, though you also need to consider artificial grass cost, nothing beats the greens!

Miniature Plants

One of the trending garden designs that are becoming favorite these days is gardening using dwarf shrubs. Miniature plants are ideal for gardens in the urban areas with limited spaces or gardeners who love quality plantings but hardly have time to care for their plants and yards. Not only are they nice to look at, they are also low-maintenance plants.

Green Walls
green wall plants

Lots of rural areas are very expensive. As much as possible, homeowners want to utilize every space available for something more useful, leaving almost no space for greens to grow. But lately, there are increasing requests for wall gardening ideas—from simple pocket or hanging bottle gardening to elaborate designs like trellises, arbors, and other vertical gardening ideas from your reliable Canberra arborist

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