Top 4 Best Voice Lessons Online – 2021


I decided to examine online courses because I believe they can be a healthy addition to a singer’s/singing student’s talent. As a main course, even.

As you can see, online resources (such as karaoke applications) can be quite beneficial to a vocalist. Online courses that are good complement personal lessons or even cover topics that personal classes do not provide. They can provide a wider picture than individual lessons can.

So, which courses should be reviewed? The amount of data available is staggering. I had to abandon my original plan to acquire them all and put them to the test. Instead, I chose courses from vocal instructors that appeared frequently on Google and YouTube, as well as a couple who contacted me and appeared to be legitimate.

I’m hoping to be a good judge, but I’m not entirely impartial, and I have to admit right away that I have my own biases.

# 4

Vox singing academy’s ultimate singing courses

Peter Vox is a recording artist/ singer/songwriter and has 28 years of teaching experience. He trained teachers for his own academy.

They offer courses of different levels, from entry to pro level, including a few free ones.

Personal singing lessons are included in the 6 & 12 month memberships.


  • Nice features: exams and certificates
  • depending on the course, between 3.5 and 5 hours of material
  • Varied access: monthly, 6 or 12 month access
  • 5 day free tria


Roger Love’s courses

Roger Love coaches Hollywood actors and well-known singers.

The courses are for all levels and focus on different vocal resonances. There’s also advice about auditioning and stage advice.

When buying course 1, 2 and 3, a personal review from Roger is included.


  • Unlimited access
  • Upgrade to another level possible
  • 4 free lessons
  • Free preview of some material


Voice essentials

Dr. Dan has twenty years of teaching experience and 25 years of performance experience.

Covers the genres pop, rock, country & musical. Discusses 8 technical foundations. For beginners and intermediate.

There is no mention of personal feedback.


  • 10 modules, 3 hours of video
  • Free preview of intro + 1st module
  • Unlimited access
  • Cool features: interactive quizzes, downloadable exercise tracks


How to sing

Roma Waterman is an accomplished singer with 9 albums. She coached contestants in shows such as The Voice.

This Udemy course is cheap and very popular. For all levels.

She  also has free alternatives to her course.


  • 45 lessons
  • Unlimited access
  • Includes vocal physiology, essential techniques and warm-up.
  • Roma answers comments, and gives
    5 minute feedback on 1 sample of your singing.
  • Nice features:
    pdf sheets, quizzes, invitation to share your singing with other students

Choosing the Best SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2021


Believe it or not, all businesses of today (the future actually) is relying on the presence online, I mean the internet, google. Every average bloke needed to search first on the internet and look for anything of their interest, who doesn’t right?

Enter SERP, or search engine optimization. What it does? It simply put your “presence” online, because if your presence is not know in the online search engines, your business just doesn’t mean a thing. It’s just a name with a price tag.

But, how in the world would you know how to choose the best fit for your business? Well here’s some proven effective tips from SEO experts and consultants.

8 Tips in Choosing the Best SEO Services for Small Business

  1. Ask for Portfolios and Examples of their successful SEO campaigns

    most of the agencies nowadays, particularly offering SEO services are asking for reviews from their previous as well as current clients. The portfolio should be easy to understand and not just confusing data sheet with tons of figures you don’t even know about. It should be straightforward and transparent.

  2. Google Search the Agency

if an SEO company is not ranked on Google’s first page, warning bells should go off!  Conducting a Google search is a vital step to finding a reputable company.

Google’s search engine receives more searches than any of the other search engines.  This makes it essential for an SEO company to have their website ranking at the top of Google. That’s the only way they will receive the ultimate in traffic, visibility and sales.

If they aren’t listed there, then they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

3. Look for References

Money is hard to come by and you will be paying for certain services that will affect the future of your business.  Therefore, it is perfectly logical to ask a company to give you some references from clients they have previously done work for. If they can’t or won’t do this, then there is cause to be suspicious.  In such situations, you should probably move on to another SEO company you are interested in hiring.

Also, remember that it takes more than just getting a list of references to prove that a company is reputable.

4. Get A Consultation

Additionally, you can decide to pay for the consultation, but not to hire the company full time. This can prove to be a huge money-saving move, particularly if you’re the owner of a small business and don’t have a large budget for marketing your company.

The company you choose to consult with should have an experienced team of SEO workers.  They should be adequately trained in the SEO processes and techniques. Additionally, they should be constantly trying new strategies to rank businesses in creative ways. There’s business coach near me who offers free consultation in exchange of likes in their social media page, you can think of taking advantage with these kind of offers.

Creativity is a vital element when it comes to hiring an SEO company. They must be able to foresee events and design novel ways of raising your company’s rank in the present circumstances.

Many companies offer free phone consultations.  However, if they do not, a phone consultation should be relatively inexpensive.  There should also be an agreement that states if you don’t receive the answer you need, you will not be charged for the consultation.

A consultation should touch on subjects such as:

  • Reporting
  • Installing Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Link building strategies
  • On and Off-page optimization strategies
  • Use of social media to raise SEO

If an SEO company does not touch on these things, you should find another company to work with.

Many SEOs say that their techniques ensure a spot on the first page of Google. Now, if you think that’s an overly bold claim to make, then you’re right. Google’s exact algorithm is a mystery—even to the most knowledgeable SEO expert.


Large businesses such as melbourne office furniture or small businesses should always updates their resources, to keep updated from Google’s algorithm regularly, this way you can keep up with the competition.

Top Ten Most Collectible Coins


Here is the list for the most collectible and perhaps most valuable coins found or being used in the Philippines. Try to look at these coins for you might have these coins hiding in your basement for years, so good luck for your coin hunting:


1903 s fifty centavos has it legend to be very rare amongst USPI coins series in all denomination. According to Office fitouts Melbourne its value could reach up to $10000 in average circulation condition due to its rarity of having 2 pcs only were known to exist.(photo shown are private collections of Mr. Cecil Hodreal,Phils.)


1905s one peso is one of the most common one peso of USPI series, next only to 1903s, yet still valuable due to its silver content of 90% and its historical value, a bit bigger and higher silver content compared to later dates 1907-1912 one peso coins. The monetary value in Philippine peso depend on the condition of these coins, the estimated minimum value for a worn out condition is around 850 to 950 pesos.


1906s one peso are said to be the king of all USPI series coins, i wonder why it reachest highest value to the collectors wherein there are 201,000 pieces were minted. Though 250 pieces are known to exist since most of this coins brought back to US to be melted during the war. I’ve seen one of these sold in ebay for easy $15325 EF grade.


This is the most sought after 10 centavos Alfonso, a bit lower mintage compare to other years.


A very beautiful coin with some nice luster, from a private collection of Mr. Hodreal. Carolus coins are one of the most collected coins of Spanish-Phils series, you cant hardly seen one in this condition in auctions because collectors would rather sell it in a rocket price or keep it. The image of King Charles in this coins are superb that suggests Supreme Authority, which adds to the eye appeal for collectors.

dos mundos

Dos mundos coins or commonly called Pillar Dollars, were once commonly used coinage in the Philippines during the years wherein Bust Type coins are not yet introduced in new world colonies of spain. Collectors always looking for this beautiful coins due to its exoticity.


Provisional Government coins of Spain with reclining coin, some of this coins had “Gobierno Provisional” instead of ESPANA and carries more value than this one, also a star with number inside carries premium.


Probably the most common gold coinage being used in the Philippines, comes in 3 denominations, 1Peso, 2Peso, and 4Peso.


Perhaps the collectible coin from the US is this one, a Morgan Dollar, cc or Carson City mints were said to be all collectibles and carries more premium than other mints, these dollar coins are also being counterfeited and I can even see some of these fake coins being sold in flea markets in the Philippine provinces. Legit Morgan Dollars are being priced in the street markets for around 800 to 1500 pesos on regular dates and with worn to average conditions.

RARE COINS from Spanish/Pre-Spanish ERA

photo courtesy of Pinoy Kollektor


The first historically documented copper coin made in the Philippines was the barrilla dated  1766. At that time, Don Domingo de la Sierra, senior regidor of the municipal council, requested authorization to produce these coins because of the scarcity of minor coinage in Manila. Sierra’s request was granted, with the stipulation that only 5000 pesos’ worth should be coined, and that these should be used only for petty payments. The coin is a small round copper, approximately 18 mm. in diameter. The design on the obverse is that of a castle within a circle in the center and’ a crown on top, and the legend around reads: “CIUDAD D MAN. 1766″. The reverse bears a crowned shield with a sea lion holding up a sword. The number” 1″ is on the right of the shield, and on the left is the monogram “BA “, which can be interpreted as interlaced letters “B” and “A”, or “B”, “A”, and “R”. This coin had the value of one grana of a tomin, or 1/1 2th of a rea/. (The tomin was 1/8 of a peso, or equivalent to one real, and divisible into 12 granos).


photo courtesy of Scott Semans

# 2 PILONCITOS(Gold coinage)

Piloncitos is the earliest form of precious metal based currency of the Philippines. It is likely made of pure gold with a weight ranging between .5 grams to more or less than 3 grams. In my opinion, this could be one of the rarest coins in the world.

Piloncitos is not exclusively found in the Philippines as most collectors and local historians have agrees. Similar type of gold can be found in some regions of Indonesia which they call massa.

The earliest written account of Piloncitos was made by our national hero, Jose Rizal himself. According to Rizal, he found the gold nugget while tilling the soil of Dapitan. He himself coined the word piloncitos, which basically describe the coin’s unusual shape. They are round and stamped with what looks like the pre-Spanish baybayin character “ma,” leading historians to guess that it could be short for “Ma-I.

Even before the Thai moved southward from their original home in China, the lucrative sea trade between the South China Sea and the Bay of Bengal established several maritime empires such as Sailendra-Srivijaya and Majapahit, which controlled coastal areas of modern Indonesia, Burma, Malaya, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

In an era before coined money was widely used, Indo-Pacific beads were made first at a site called Aakmidu in South India ca. 200 BC. The manufacture then moved in sequence to Ceylon, South Thailand, Java and finally Malaya. By about 1200-1300 AD the larger Majopahit beads, excavated today in the interior of Java, had supplanted it. Since these factory sites have been dated, archaeologists now use the beads to date sites, though whether beads rose to the level of metals, salt, cloth, and cowries as “standard” trade goods is uncertain.

Below is the highest valued Philippine coins sold at Heritage Auctions:

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